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Guadalupe plata st

S/T (2013)

Guadalupe Plata - 2013

Guadalupe Plata play garage blues. Lots of slide guitar and wash tub bass. Oh, and they're from Spain. That pretty much sums it up! This is their 3rd self titled album and just like the others it delivers a healthy serving of music that would be the soundtrack to your life if you drank whiskey all day, drove an old Detroit muscle car, and constantly lamented (in Spanish) how painful it was to be haunted by the memories of beautiful women who have done you wrong. Saw these guys in Brooklyn a few months ago and they played a blistering set for over an hour and they were the openers! It may have been the only time I wanted the opener to play longer than the headliner. Oh wait, there's that time I saw Dodos open for Calexico. Oh well, I digress...

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Posted: 11/27/2013

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#4 favorite album of 2013