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The knife

Shaking The Habitual

The Knife - 2013

You know when you would be trick or treating and someone's house was all decked out in spooky, scary stuff, and as you approached the front door you trigger some creepy music. Shaking the Habitual is that music. The Knife are the reclusive Swedish brother/sister electronic duo, who've made a successful career for themselves for the last decade despite their best efforts to make it fail. My favorite of their releases is Karin's solo project Fever Ray, who's self titled 2009 album is awesome. Check it out! Shaking The Habitual is filled with dark drones, clinks and clanks, rattling here and there. The electronic is fused with the acoustic percussion. Vocals are there, but I can rarely distinguish what they are. Does it matter? I wouldn't really care about the vocals for this type of music, but one big drawback of this album is that it's hard to distinguish between tracks when you reflect back on it. The lack of vocals, along with the long track lengths, make STH more of an experience than a casual listen. There’s big talk about this album as an album of the year contender, but this type of experimental music can really only be enjoyed at certain times. You don’t just throw on a 100 minute double album filled with 10 minutes long drone tracks. Still though, there are interesting beats a squeeks around every corner, so this is definitely a recommended headphone listen.

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Posted: 12/01/2013

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