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TNGHT (HudMo x Lunice) - 2012

On the TNGHT EP, electronic music producers Hudson Mohawke and Lunice came together to create the first true trap music classic. At just fifteen minutes long, the EP starts at great and only gets better. Through massive horns (Higher Ground) to drugged-out cloud rap instrumentals (Bugg'n) and about everything in between, TNGHT takes everything good about instrumental electronic music, fuses it with the best in trap and hip hop, and voila: you get an album that stands tall through all the huge singles and massive, Vine-ready drops that seem to be the only important thing in electronic music today. You won't have much trouble convincing anyone with any sense of rhythm that the TNGHT EP isn't ridiculously good. Favorite songs: all least favorite songs: Easy Easy (If I Had To Choose) most overrated song: none most underrated song: Top Floor

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Posted: 12/02/2013

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Michael Di Gennaro

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#3 favorite album of 2012