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Phosphorescent muchacho


Phosphorescent - 2013

I suppose it’s possible to not like the totally awesome album title, “Muchacho”. I suppose it’s possible to not be impressed with Matthew Houck’s ability to get every bit of vocal out of his limited voice, without ever pushing it quite over the edge. I also suppose that it would be easy to mistake his laid back, introspective lyrics as simple throwaways. Even if someone missed all of that, they can’t possibly escape the glowing production of this album. The entire album has a singular tone that makes you feel the glow through the speakers. It’s a wet sound. There’s reverbs and delays everywhere. From the bookends of the opening track, “Sun, Arise!”, to the closing track, “Sun’s Arising”, the album is steeped in harmonized vocals, singing pedal steel, violins, trumpets, and piano. All of them recorded with a warmth and beauty that I haven’t heard from any other album this year. It’s not quite folk, not quite rock, ….I wouldn’t know how to categorize it, which is one of the things I love about this album. Every year I am surprised by a release that I totally didn’t expect. (Last year it was Lost In The Trees) Muchacho is that release this year. Check out "Song for Zula" below, and check out "The Quotidian Beasts" on the album.

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I really like this album, but get sick of all the "whoo" sounds the lead singer makes every 2 seconds.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Me drunkmjgoodenow

Awww. I like the whoos!

Posted almost 6 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 12/04/2013

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#4 favorite album of 2013