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The weeknd kiss land

Kiss Land

The Weeknd - 2013

Abel Tesfaye’s 2011 debut release “House of Balloons” was a trip-hop/R&B journey into his sexual, drug fueled mind. The dark lyrics were bold and provocative. Two more releases that year continued those themes, but were less effective. His 2013 release Kiss Land, for me, is just more of the same. The lyrics at this point seem a bit creepy. It’s one thing to push the boundaries of sexual lyrics on one album, but now a few albums later some of those same subjects come of as misogynistic and degrading. A lot of the production is weak as well. (the chorus to “Love in the Sky” is just as ridiculous as the title itself) His vocal sound during his verses at this point is like he's doing an impression of Michael Jackson, rather than his own thing. There are a few spots on the album where a cool beat kicks in for one section here and there, but it’s very short lived. I won’t need to listen to this one again.

Posted by Tambe



I have heard this album and I've read what you wrote. Of the two, I prefer your review. However, the half star, as always, is entirely unnecessary.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Dsc 0563C. Scott

The best part of the album, Tony's review and Colin's subsequent review of the review was in fact the half star. Partially because it wasn't necessary, true. However, without it nobody would have ever written in the 'comments' section for this cow pat of an album.

Posted almost 6 years ago by MoiAndrew Scott

I hated this album. However, the title track was a guilty pleasure of mine, I have to say.

Posted almost 6 years ago by ImageMichael Di Gennaro

I'm glad that you all picked up on the fact that I gave it 1 and a half stars for the sole purpose of being ridiculous.

Posted almost 6 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 12/07/2013

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