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Yuck - 2013

It’s never a good sign when a band loses a lead singer/songwriter. Rather than trying to replace Daniel Blumberg from the outside, they promoted guitarist Max Bloom. This wasn’t the worst idea, since Bloom had sung lead a little bit in the past and had co-written songs on Yuck’s awesome self-titled debut. Unfortunately, this sophomore effort lacks the youthful energy and excitement that the first album had. Most of the songs are boring. They plod along at a mid-tempo, without any catchy hooks, or melodies worth remembering. It’s not until the 5th track, “Middle Sea”, that they wake up and sound like a semblance of their former selves. Then it’s right back to the mundane. Bloom has been exposed by taking on this extended role in the band. He’s not a strong enough singer or songwriter to front the band. Maybe they’re in transition and this was just the sophomore slump, but when you’re a band that gets compared to Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., & Yo La Tengo, this isn’t going to cut it.

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Posted: 12/07/2013

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