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Modern vamp

Modern Vampires Of The City

Vampire Weekend - 2013

I’m not as in love with this album as other people are. It’s a very good album, but I don’t think it’s quite as good as their last album Contra. MVOTC was composed in the studio, with the band never having played the songs live, and that might be what I’m feeling come through in the music. There are great tracks like “Ya Hey”, “Diane Young”, and “Step”, amongst others, but I’m not quite falling for this album the way I did for Contra. The production sounds great throughout, and the songwriting is still quite good, but Contra had a little something extra. I wish I could give a better explanation, but maybe it’s just not quite as good. (also, I need to give a shout out for a great album cover)

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Posted: 12/08/2013

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#11 favorite album of 2013