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Arcade Fire - 2013

Arcade Fire may be my favorite band of the 21st century. The magnificent album run of Funeral, Neon Bible and The Suburbs have led me to believe that everything Win Butler touches turns to gold. However, the problem with Reflektor is that Win Butler doesn't touch a lot here. It's mostly given up to superproducer James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, who oversaw the album in process. And while some of these tracks, including the epic titile track and nearly twelve minute closer Supersymmetry, showcase a dream for every music fan, a perfect mix of their indie rock roots mixed with the disco funk of LCD Soundsystem. However, half of the album just seems like they are covering the disco funk of LCD Soundsystem. That's why this can't be added to the shrine of great AF albums. Because it, for the most part, isn't really that memorable. Favorite songs: Reflekor, Supersymmetry Least favorite songs: Normal Person, Afterlife Most underrated song: Joan Of Arc most overrated song: Afterlife

Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 12/10/2013