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Danny Brown - 2013

Danny Brown is a powerhouse. Since the Detroit rapper's breakthrough album XXX surfaced in 2011, he hasn't delivered a bad track or a bad feature verse. Technically, OLD is another tour-de-force, with the same signature two-sided Danny Brown who I find sort of resembles Leonardo DiCaprio's character in his new movie The Wolf Of Wall Street (go see it, three hours of hilarity), but with updated, more expensive-sounding production. My favourite part of the album was Side B, and while Side A had some great songs, the pure genius of Side B shines through by about the sixth listen; The odd-numbered songs are actual party songs while the even-numbered songs are the comedown, excluding Handstand. It's another stroke of brilliance by one of rap's biggest underground stars, one who has continued to show his talent. OLD is by no means an exception. Favorite Songs: The Return, Dip Least Favorite Songs: Dubstep, Gremlins Most Overrated song: Handstand Most underrated song: Wonderbread

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Posted: 12/27/2013

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Michael Di Gennaro

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#9 favorite album of 2013