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How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident

Future Of The Left - 2013

Wales noise/indie rock band Future Of The Left is one of the most underrated bands in recent memory, putting out quality albums almost every year, and they're still not even verified on Twitter. With How To Stop Your Brain An Accident, they earned themselves a spot on YouTube music icon The Needle Drop's "Loved List" of 2013 and a tour with metal/shoegaze powerhouses Deafheaven. And yes, after a few listens of FOTL's new LP, it's pretty clear why they're suddenly being thrusted into the spotlight. The album mostly consists of catchy guitar and vocal hooks, very funny and very raunchy (at some points) verses, and with song titles like "Things To Say To Friendly Policemen" or "Future Child Embarrasment Matrix" the atmosphere of the album screams "just fucking around, whoops we made a great album." Not having to take a band so seriously for once is quite enjoyable. Favorite songs: Things To Say To Friendly Policemen, Bread Cheese Bow and Arrow Least favourite songs: The Male Gaze, She Gets Passed Around At Parties most underrated song: Johnny Borrell Afterlife Most overrated song: Future Child Embarrasment Matrix

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Posted: 12/27/2013

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Michael Di Gennaro

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