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Kanye West - 2013

I know we're only supposed to post our "ten", but consider this a honourable mention. I was pretty lukewarm on YEEZUS and didn't really feel as if I needed to review it until I went to the tour he was putting on with Kendrick Lamar, and finally understood the album. Between being amazed by the mountain on stage, or the nearly 800-inch screen doing closeups, or all the masks, I finally realized: YEEZUS was made for the tour. Listening to it now, it was built solely to accompany the performance art that was planned way in advance of the album release. Listening to it now as more then music, as a soundtrack almost, it makes so much more sense. Favorite songs: Black Skinhead, Bound 2 Least Favourite Songs: I Am A God, Guilt Trip Most overrated song: New Slaves Most underrated song: Hold My Liquor

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Posted: 12/27/2013

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Michael Di Gennaro

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#11 favorite album of 2013