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Rave Tapes

Mogwai - 2014

Is it possible for me to be blown away by a Mogwai album any more? It may be that after a decade and a half of post-rocking out I’ve come to know what to expect. There’s some great rockers here, some moody soundscapes that are unique to the Mogwai sound, some long boring tracks, a few really killer song titles, and a track with vocals that is totally unnecessary. It’s pretty much the template for the less impressive Mogwai albums. I don’t know why they seem to hold back so much. Why they spend time exploring slower tempos that often lead nowhere. I don’t mean to be totally negative here. The good tracks are good. Remurdered, Hexon Bogon, and Master Card are all solid rockers. Remurdered’s early release as a tease for the album gave Mogwai fans reason to think this would be an album of the quality of their previous album, “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will”. We weren't that lucky unfortunately. When Mogwai pioneered the post-rock genre there was little out there like it. These days, when it seems that every sub-genre has a sub-genre, post-rock albums come out every week. (Last year's "Memorial" by Russian Circles was stellar, although bit more metal than Gwai) It takes more to impress when you put out your eighth instrumental rock album.

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Posted: 01/25/2014

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