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Rave tapes cover

Rave Tapes

Mogwai - 2014

A wiser man than myself once said, "Mogwai writes great songs, not great records". That man… was Tony Tambe. And he's right. I've learned to keep my expectations realistic with every new Mogwai record. There's always 2 or 3 songs that I love and usually the rest is kind of limp. In that regard, Rave Tapes is one of Mogwai's better albums in that even though there are only a few standout songs, the "filler" for lack of a better phrase - holds up pretty good as well. It's closest to Mr. Beast in that regard. There are the first two tracks, which are moody - sometimes chill, sometimes groove-driven. Then there's "Remurdered", a synth-driven crowd pleaser. Two songs later, there's another standout "Repelish". Moody, ambient, synth-driven grooves… the standard fare. Except this one comes with a captivating voice over that sounds like an ambitious, twenty-something, evangelist-to-be giving a dissertation on back-masked satanic messages in Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven". Very engaging and, as a person who was a young lad in the 80s when back-masking accusations were all the rage - highly entertaining since I was very aware of this urban myth when I was in my teens. I can speak from experience as someone who dubbed the song to an old cassette (the ones with the screws in the corner), opened it up, inverted the tape so it would play backwards, and listened to it repeatedly - that it's all horse shit. There is nothing tangible when played in reverse. Moving on… The second half of the record holds up your interest quite well with the exception of "Blues Hour". Ironically the only song with traditional vocals and my least favorite track of the bunch. The album redeems itself quite nicely after that though with "No Medicine For Regret" and "The Lord Is Out Of Control". Two songs that both show off Mogwai's consistent ability to stir strong, nameless emotions. Grand music for people watching at the airport of your choice.

Posted by Greg



I just knew 'Repelish' would tickle your fancy! Plus, that's the best closing line we've had on this site yet.

Posted over 5 years ago by Dsc 0563C. Scott

Repelish is the worst track on the album! I'd like a refund for they track. I'll exchange it for an extra copy of Hexon Bogon.

Posted over 5 years ago by TambegifTambe

You're just saying that because you worship Satan. We all have to make a choice Tambe, what will your choice be?

Posted over 5 years ago by UntitledGreg

Posted: 01/26/2014

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