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Break it

Break It Yourself

Andrew Bird - 2012

Back in 2012 I briefly said: "Beautiful arrangements marked by Andrew's signature violin, whistling, and folk-minstrel lyrics." Another year removed, I still listen to this album often. Andrew is truly unique in today's musical landscape. He writes catchy melodies, which makes the songs memorable and accessible, but the arrangements are what gives the music depth. The instrumentation of usual acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, is augmented by Bird's violin and whistling. He doesn't quite fit into any category. I guess you’d say he’s a folk artist, but he has a depth to his arrangements that makes the music much more than simply folk. He’s folk the way Joanna Newsom is folk, which is to say the label doesn’t do them justice. (nothing against folk music of course) Break It Yourself is a great Sunday morning album. Pour some coffee, grab the Sunday morning crossword, and put this album on. "Danse Caribe" and "Break It Yourself" are the standout tracks, but it’s an album meant to be consumed whole.

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Posted: 02/02/2014

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