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Acid Rap

Chance The Rapper - 2013

From what it seems a completely different rapper, Chance comes out with his sophomore mixtape and it seems that it is getting all the hype it deserves. Barely out of his teens Chance the Rapper has grown into one of the more popular up and coming rappers. If you can get past or get used to Chance's voice then you will enjoy this tape. From the juke beats in "Good Ass Intro" and "Everything's Good" to the songs like "Cocoa Butter Kisses" that captures a very awkward moment yet very real. This song talks about the relationships that are affected when you are a smoker. It is a very awkward situation but Chance captures this very well. Overall I gave this album a 4.5 and it ranks #2 for 2013. I will review my #1 and maybe #3 tomorrow. Video Link below for curious listeners Favorite Song: Favorite Song (lol) Least Favorite Song: Everything's Good Underrated Song: Good Ass Intro Overrated Song: Juice

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Posted: 02/09/2014

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#2 favorite album of 2013