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Cities Aviv - 2014

Memphis rapper Cities Aviv has a knack for blending hip hop with a little bit of punk music, and the combination was a big part of his last two albums, Digital Lows and Black Pleasure. With COME TO LIFE, Aviv is going for a more electronic, cloud-rap feel, and for much of the mixtape, the noisy, bright production gives him a sort of anti-Death Grips feel. However, while the production is on point, it sometimes seems that the mix loses Aviv in the process, making him basically unnoticeable for some songs. Overall, this is an extremely innovative and interesting project that effortlessly bends multiple genres into one very enjoyable product, and Aviv accompanies these beats with some uplifting, and almost always fun vocals that make for a pretty enjoyable listening experience all the way through. Favorite songs: URL IRL, View 180 (Picture Me Gone) Least favourite: Intro, Head Most overrated song: Head Most underrated song: Ctl1

Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 02/09/2014