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Yellerkin ep

Yellerkin - EP

Yellerkin - 2014

Yellerkin is a Brooklyn-based band with a knack for taking indie pop sounds and mixing them with trippy electronic effects that amounts to something that resembles Vampire Weekend meets Kodaline meets Tame Impala. With the band's gorgeous debut EP, Yellerkin demands to be taken seriously. It's catchy, emotional, and fun, and evolves from one sound to another as you listen. As far as vocals, the actual lyrics are very well written, ranging from metaphors about us and the solar system to a simple story about a boy and a girl that takes a pretty dark turn. Yellerkin EP is the consummate winter indie project, something to warm up a cold day, and something I plan on listening to for the rest of the winter, and beyond. Favorite songs: Solar Laws, Leave Me Be Least favourite songs: Vines Most overrated song: Solar Laws Most underrated song: Tomboy

Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 02/12/2014