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Hospitality trouble


Hospitality - 2014

It’s always a risky proposition when a band, particularly a newish band with a short track record, tries to expand their sound and evolve. It is commendable, as we don’t want our favorite artists to remain stagnant. The problem is that with evolution comes a certain amount of risk, because it often involves leaving behind what worked in favor of something different. What previously worked for Hospitality was their ability to write compact, catchy, little nuggets of indie rock tunes. They got in, left an ear worm or two, and got out. On their second album, “Trouble”, the band has obviously made an effort to stretch their musical legs a bit. The songs are only a little longer time-wise than on their debut, (Trouble has six tracks that break the 4 minute mark, while their self titled debut only had 2), but these new songs also lack the efficiency of the hook-laden pop/rock gems they churned out in 2012. Songs like “Sullivan” take their time at a slow tempo, but have no payoff. They meander a bit, never really heading to an obvious high point. “It’s not serious” is another meanderer, and it’s alternate crime is a lack of interesting instrumentation or rhythm. It’s hard to see the musical point. “Nightingale", the opener, has a hard-driving guitar riff at one point, but quickly drops down to a sparse verse section and a “chorus?”. It’s not an offensive album, but it can be boring at times, and forgetful throughout. Go back to their debut and enjoy that album.

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Posted: 02/13/2014

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