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St vincent album cover

St. Vincent

St. Vincent - 2014

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Annie Clark is back with a new solo LP as St. Vincent, following her recent collaboration with David Byrne. St. Vincent finds Clark diving deeper into the experimental pop pathway, expressed through the distorted guitars ( Bring Me Your Loves ) and twinkling synths ( Rattlesnake ). And while the rest of the album is mostly top-notch, the singles are what stand out on this album. The piping horn section on Digital Witness brings a vibrant, catchy atmosphere following the impressive ballad Prince Johnny, and Birth In Reverse is three minutes of pop perfection. The only disappointment on this album has to be the ballads, which didn't really fit the noisy pop mood that the LP sets early. All in all, St. Vincent has once again delivered with another great album that is sure to be on my year end Ten. Favorite songs: Birth In Reverse, Bring Me Your Loves Least Favorite Songs: Every Tear Dissapears, Severed Crossed Fingers Most Underrated song: Bring Me Your Loves Most overrated song: Every Tear Dissapears

Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 03/06/2014