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St. Vincent

St. Vincent - 2014

It’s best in small doses.

A little goes a along way.

Try these in bite-sized pieces!

Now please don’t get me wrong.

This certainly does have its moments.

I mean it’s art-rock funky if nothing else.

It can be delightfully quirky at the best of times.

But thankfully not enough to offend your dinner guests.

Think of it as an absolutely brilliant collection of B-sides.

You’re simply bound to enjoy them on an individual basis.

You certainly wouldn’t skip one if Pandora decided to play it.

They would be the highlight of eleven different film soundtracks.

Each song is the best track on the mix tape you get from a friend.

However, you should try to avoid experiencing this record in its entirety.

It will inevitably diminish the great interest you felt when you first heard a strong track.

The album as a whole should only be listened to as aural wallpaper while cleaning the house.

Let’s not forget, she was born in the eighties and one simply cannot trust any person born in the eighties.

Posted by C. Scott



She even makes forgetting the lyrics cute in the Tango Til They're Sore" video.

Posted over 5 years ago by TambegifTambe

This is a copy and paste job as far as my thoughts on the album go. As with The Last Ship, you've written my review in much shorter form than I will.

Posted over 5 years ago by MoiAndrew Scott

Posted: 03/09/2014