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Real Estate - 2014

Real Estate has always been a feel-good band. Their first two full-lenghts were perfect summer day LPs, built for poolside settings with tropical-flavored drinks and bathing suits. With Atlas, there's none of that. The mood coming from this album is more like hanging out with friends right after a breakup in a beach setting. It's sunny and warm, but comes with open arms, ready to listen to all your problems, and, while Atlas won't solve anything you bring to it, it sure as hell will come as close as consoling you as an album can. Catchy acoustic guitar leads and some pretty impressive drumming make up for the admittedly boring vocals brought by lead singer Martin Courtney. It's probably why the best song on the album, April's Song, is the only song on the LP without vocals. A replay-value rich, quality listen. Favorite songs: April's Song, Crime Least Favorite Songs: Past Life, Horizon Most overrated song: Talking Backwards Most underrated song: Crime

Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 03/17/2014