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Perfect pussy say yes to love

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Perfect Pussy - 2014

Perfect Pussy are a punk band from Syracuse N.Y. The last band from Syracuse that I bought music from was Ra Ra Riot, and other than the fact that they both hail from there, and probably have eaten at Dinosaur BBQ plenty of times, they have nothing in common at all. PP is fronted by spitfire Meredith Graves, who’s overdriven vocals are shouted throughout the album in such a way that it feels they’re directed right at your solar plexus. She’s relentless in her attack. That type of thing is always an asset to any punk outfit, and you can tell that PP’s live shows must be painfully loud. (and I say that as a compliment) PP writes brief songs as you might expect. Their average song is about 2:30, and there are 8 studio tracks, plus 4 live tracks on the album, so it’s not exactly a rock opera. The band is that blend of sloppy-yet-tight punk. They take you in one direction going 90 mph, and then shift gears to take you in another direction completely. There are no ballads here. No atmospheric interludes. It’s just a half hour of punk fury. Of course, you need to be in the mood to listen to that type of thing. There is no letting up, and with no interludes, or atmospheric instrumentation, all you get is lean, mean punk. Meredith seems like she could do much more with her vocals if she backed off of the overdrive and exposed herself more. (uh, I meant vocally. Get your head out of the gutter.) It’s good enough for what it is to get a good rating from me, but I need more depth to truly love an album.

Posted by Tambe



I checked out some of their stuff. I'm excited to hear what they do on their NEXT album, feels like things are still percolating...

Posted about 6 years ago by UntitledGreg

Agreed. I'd like to hear more vocals. (clearly)

Posted about 6 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 03/29/2014

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