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Here And Nowhere Else

Cloud Nothings - 2014

Cloud Nothings’ last album, “Attack On Memory”, marked a big step forward for the band. They not only had better recording quality on that album than their previous one, but the songs were more melodic and catchy. 2014’s "Here And Nowhere Else" unfortunately lacks the same quality of songwriting. CN is a noisy, raucous punk band, but what they were able to do on "Attack..” really proved what frontman Dylan Baldi was capable of song-wise, and that the band could be super tight and melodic, while not abandoning their punk cred. They’re still unleashing their fury on this album, but in a much less memorable way. You don’t have the hooks stuck in your head from this album the way they were with the last album. Granted, I’ve had two years to listen to "Attack..” multiple times, but even after one or two listens the refrains of “I thought……I would… more….than this” and “I need time to stop moving, I need time to stay useless” would get stuck in my head. After "Here And Nowhere Else” finishes, (a compact half hour running time), you’ll be hard pressed to repeat anything back that you just heard. It’s decent, quality punk rock, and the band remains tight as a 3 piece after losing their 2nd guitar player. You’d be impressed if you saw them in a random bar, but that’s not the Cloud Nothings of “Attack On Memory”. I think I spent more time mentioning their last album in this review, which speaks volumes about what I think of Here And Nowhere Else. If you haven’t heard them before, pick up a copy of AOM first. If you haven’t gotten your punk fix after that, then pick this one up and give it a shot.

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Posted: 04/27/2014

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