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Upside Down Mountain

Conor Oberst - 2014

Upside Down Mountain is a new chapter for Mr. Bright Eyes! He has bid farewell to the Mystic Valley Band and moved to Nonesuch Records. Oberst returns with a more personal approach on this album. It is far more measured than his recent work with the ramblin’ MVB and reminds us of his strengths as a singer songwriter. There is also a wider palate of instruments and sounds on here that keep the album sounding fresh. I won’t deny that Conor is clearly settling down in his private life and these changes are apparent in his work. For example, the biting shouts of his upper register have been retired. There are no ripping guitar solos to be found on this particular set of tracks. However, the songs have different levels and Oberst still has a great deal to say. He hasn’t always hit the mark in his prolific career but Upside Down Mountain is the sound our hero taking stock and once again looking in a new direction.

Posted by C. Scott



Posted: 07/20/2014