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I Just Don't Get It


Lost In The Dream

The War On Drugs - 2014

Ok, I don’t get it. I’ve tried. Everybody loves this album, so I listened to it 5-6 times, and I just don’t understand what the appeal is. It’s not offensively bad or anything. It’s meh. It’s vanilla. It’s extremely average. From the press that it’s gotten so far in 2014 I’m sure that it will end up on most top ten lists. I just have no idea why. First of all, I know everything has to sound like it’s from the 80’s these days, and even though that turns me off, that’s not my issue with “Lost In The Dream”. The drums on almost every song sound like real drums, but the beats tend to stick to one pattern and tempo throughout the song, so they come off like a drum machine. The guitars are all very “wet” with flange and phaser effects. The vocals have echo, which may be a an attempt to make the mediocre vocal performance and bland lyrics more palatable. The songs continue on and on for 5-8 minutes per track, and while I admit there is good use of dynamics to build to a rocking section, it’s just repeated too many times throughout the album. A lot has been said about the references to classic rock on this album. To that I say…sort of. It’s actually more accurate to say “80’s classic rock”. Unfortunately, the 80’s were the worst period of many artist’s careers. The comparisons to Springsteen are “Dancing In The Dark” Springsteen, not “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” Springsteen. Adam Granduciel’s vocals sound like Don Henley on a lot of this album, and that’s a turn off for me. If there are overtones of Petty and Dylan, again it’s not “Damn The Torpedoes” and “Highway 61” we’re talking about here. I guess the praise that The War On Drugs is getting for “Lost In The Dream” is the main issue I have with it. I wouldn’t even bother reviewing it if I didn’t think it would show up on most lists later this year. The best songs on the album are meh at best. I’ll give it 2 1/2 stars because its middle of the road. Do yourself a favor and check out former “The War On Drugs” member Kurt Vile’s 2013 album “Wakin On A Pretty Daze” if you want some stoner rock or check out Destroyer’s awesome 2011 album “Kaputt” if you long for the 80’s.

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Posted: 08/07/2014

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