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Death grips niggas on the moon

niggas on the moon

Death Grips - 2014

In typical Death Grips fashion, they released “niggas on the moon” without notice, for free, online in June, then promptly broke up in July. This album is the first half of a double album, but I don’t see the point in treating it that way at this point. DG 2012 release “The Money Store” is one of my favorite albums of the last decade, and while no subsequent release has matched it since, I‘ve enjoyed most of what DG has put out. Their last full length “Government Plates” was met with lukewarm reviews, but it has really grown on me over the last year. It’s true that it was light on verses from frontman MC Ride, but I find it refreshing that they took a more electronic angle on that album. (You would think it would be hard for a band who’s known for keeping everyone on their toes to get criticized for trying something different) NOTM is a bit of a mix between the electronic "Government Plates” and the previous MC Ride dominated albums. Each track on the album features samples of Bjork. The samples are chopped up and messed with, so it’s not as if Bjork makes a cameo here, but the fact that she pops up in each track gives it a bit of symmetry throughout. I was psyched to hear that she would be featured on the album, since I’m a Bjork fan, but the truth is that it could have been anyone really, since the samples are so edited and effected. I won’t break down the tracks, because if you don’t know Death Grips by now, you really should just experience their music to get a real sense of it. Describing it in words doesn’t do it much justice. It’s been said a million times, but I’ll say it again, they are not for everyone. It’ll probably be annoying to many listeners, and confusing to others, but to their fans, they are one of the few bands making refreshingly unique and creative music. There are highlights throughout the album, but I’d recommend the trifecta on the second half: “Have A Sad Cum”, “Fuck Me Out”, & “Voila”. (possibly my favorite track on the album) Zach Hill proves once again to be a monster drummer. It’s kind of insane what he does on some of these songs. Just keeping it all straight is impressive enough, with the twists and turns on every song. So, supposedly Death Grips is no more, although we will be getting the second half of this double album later this year. I’m not convinced that they won’t be back, but this album is a good example of why they’ll be missed.

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Posted: 08/07/2014

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