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Shellac 2

Dude Incredible

Shellac - 2014

First and foremost… it bares mentioning that my 4 star rating on this record is in the context of all other music put out this year. That is to say, a mediocre Shellac record is still several notches above most anything else you can get your hands on these days. Not that the record's mediocre. In the arena of all other Shellac records, I would probably give this a 3. I'm of the belief that Shellac's best material was their first two 7 inches (The Rude Gesture and Uranus). After that, their first LP 'At Action Park' was simply one flawless mind-blowing track after another. Since then, each record has grown increasingly less eyebrow-raising. They're still tight as hell, they still destroy conventions of what rock should be while delivering some of the best spoken word performance art you'll ever hear… but each album seems to have less gems. That being said, there's plenty of quality on 'Dude Incredible'. First off, in terms of lyrical themes - it's easily Shellac's most cohesive record. The general thread line seems to be a distillation of man's evolution from monkeys to surveyors of this once unknown land we call America. The opening track, 'Dude Incredible' could easily be the math-rock theme song of the apes in the beginning of 2001 A Space Odyssey. From there they seem to chart the development of the male psyche as it explored boyhood through bike riding, the development of a harmonious relationship with technology, and….. well, fucking. Somehow it arrives in the land of surveyors. A point of interest for Shellac who have noted that many of our country's founding fathers worked as surveyors, measuring out and parsing a new rich land of opportunity. But forget about all that. Just know that Shellac's drummer, Todd Trainer - is still one of the most stylish, deliberate and concise drummers alive. God bless that man.

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I picked it up the other day and only had the chance to listen to a few tracks so far, but it's good!

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Posted: 09/26/2014

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Greg ranks this as the
#4 favorite album of 2014