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Cover of weezer's album everything will be alright in the end

Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Weezer - 2014

Everything Will Be Alright in the End is Weezer’s ninth studio album. I know what you’re thinking: that this has to be a typo; Weezer hasn’t done anything since the early 2000s, right? Oh wait, there was that one song ‘Beverly Hills,’ where they completely sold out to mainstream pop – that was in what, 2004? 2005? [I actually really like that song.] Yeah, that’s what most people tend to think. It’s no secret that Weezer has gone, let’s say, ‘off script’ over the last decade, putting out albums that have not been received well by…well, really anyone except for the =w= diehards. But even most of these fans will admit that the music Weezer put out after their second self-titled album, affectionately known as The Green Album, or maybe after 2002’s Maladroit, has not measured up to the Weezer of old, like their self-titled debut album (The Blue Album) or Pinkerton. With Everything Will Be Alright in the End (EWBAITE for short), for the first time in a very long time we, the fans, got what we came for. I always hear people talking about how Weezer can't get back to the magic of The Blue Album. I agree, and I will go further and say that there’s no way they will ever get back to that. I can think of very few bands who can continuously over a 20-year timeframe crank out top-notch albums over and over. The world felt very different back in 1994 and Weezer and The Blue Album came along and fit right in, like a glove [if you are old like me, I bet you can’t say that without channeling Ace Ventura]. That is something unique that most bands can only wish for. Weezer set the bar high for themselves. EWBAITE doesn’t match it, nothing Weezer ever does again can match it, but this album feels more than a little like 1994. The album kicks off with ‘Ain’t Got Nobody’. It opens with some recorded dialogue that includes the album title, so right off the bat you know this album is going to be themed. Rivers Cuomo is famous for doing this – he wrote a rock opera Songs from the Black Hole back in the late ‘90s that eventually he scrapped and turned into Pinkerton, which not coincidentally is also a themed album. But back to the first song: the crunchy guitars build up into the chorus and just like that, you’re off on a musical journey. This song packs a great opening punch much like ‘American Gigolo’ does in ‘driot or ‘My Name is Jonas’ does in Blue. Like most classic Weezer tunes, this song has a catchy hook that has you unconsciously tapping your foot or nodding your head. AGN careens into the second song, which happens to be the first single, called ‘Back to the Shack.’ This song immediately grabs your attention with its opening guitar riff, and it has a rather likable chorus, but the lyrics are almost painful to listen to. Cuomo speaks openly to his bandmates and his fans about selling out. It feels a little like he’s trying too hard in this song (another classic Cuomo move). But overall, I found myself unable to stop humming it, so I guess he’s done his job. From BTTS, the album shifts into ‘Eulogy For a Rock Band.’ I’m not sure if this song is about Weezer moving towards the end of their career or if it is a tribute to great bands of the past. Or maybe it is both. Yet another catchy chorus and some impressive vocal range stretching for Cuomo. This song feels very Green Album. Did I mention that Ric Ocasek (of The Cars fame) produced EWBAITE, as well as Blue and Green? So this comes as no surprise that the sound of this record is very reminiscent of both albums. It also shows how serious Weezer is about going back to these roots. ‘Lonely Girl,’ the next track, feels the same way, and not just because it is about Cuomo pining after another girl. Hearing the classic Weezer guitar in this song is like coming back to the house you grew up in after being gone for 20 years – it still looks and smells satisfyingly familiar. ‘Lonely Girl’ is a really simple song but it works and it feels good. Next up is one of my favorites from this new album, ‘I’ve Had It Up To Here.’ I was struck first by the realization of how much Cuomo’s voice has improved over the last two decades. He also channels some serious Freddie Mercury in this one! Definitely some Queen sound in there. This song will surely make you want to sing along, and it comes complete with a classic Blue Album or Pinkerton weeping guitar solo. And is that a Moog I hear? How can all of that not satisfy any old-school Weezer fan?! ‘The British Are Coming’ seems like the odd ball tune on EWBAITE – it is not about girls, Cuomo’s relationship with his father, or his relationship with his fans and band. Or is it about the band – is it about Weezer’s comeback? If you think of it in relation to the British Invasion, then perhaps. But if you think of it in terms of the Revolutionary War….well then. Anyway, it too has a real Green Album feel and I love the musical break down at the end. Another solid song. ‘DaVinci’ is the one song on this album that screams of Pinkerton – ‘El Scorcho’, to be exact (which is one of my very favorite Weezer songs so in turn, I really liked this one). It is silly from the start with the guys whistling during the opening. The lyrics are funny and again, catchy as hell. Cuomo reminds us of the album’s theme during this song by not-so-subtly singing how ‘everything will be alright.’ This song is followed by ‘Go Away,’ a duet Cuomo sings (and wrote) with Bethany Cosentino of rock duo Best Coast. This song is very simply structured, but the refreshing addition of Cosentino’s voice is something Weezer has not done since the Pinkerton days (think ‘I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams’). Their harmony is really lovely and the chorus feels like a ‘60s surf pop song. It was a nice surprise and fits in beautifully on this album. ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Foolish Father’ round out the first ten tracks. ‘Cleopatra’ marks the return of the harmonica (another old-school Weezer trademark) and is an interesting song to listen to in that it starts off softer and eventually crashes into a musical and lyrical cacophony that very abruptly just stops. I can’t wait to hear the band do this one live – I could see this becoming another sing-along just like ‘Say It Ain’t So’ has become. ‘Foolish Father’ is the true final track of the journey that is EWBAITE, even though there are three more songs on the album. The chorus is: ‘Forgive the foolish father, he did the best that he could do, you are his daughter, and he’d do anything for you.’ This song is both a message of forgiveness to his own father as well one to his own daughter asking for her forgiveness for the mistakes he knows he will make. And a really fun guitar solo. By the end of this song it really does feel like Weezer is saying goodbye. It even ends with a chant of ‘everything will be alright in the end,’ wrapping this album up like a gift. Whether or not this is really the end for Cuomo & co. remains to be seen, but by the end I had a huge grin on my face and felt thrilled for the band – they finally did it with this album, this is the comeback – the Weezer of 1994 is still in there. The last 3 songs are a musical trilogy called ‘The Futurescope’. ‘The Futurescope I: The Wasteland’ is an instrumental that is reminiscent of the end of the last track on The Blue Album, ‘Only In Dreams.’ It flows into ‘The Futurescope II: Anonymous’ which opens slowly with piano and humming, and moves into a snare drum, vocals and some great guitar licks. It picks up the pace in the last 1:20, with Cuomo hitting what has to be the top of his vocal range (and hit it he does) and finally seamlessly goes into part three, ‘Return To Ithaka,’ another super-catchy, tight instrumental. By the time it is over I felt breathless. This trilogy is the crown jewel of an entertaining and nostalgic album. Welcome back, Weezer.

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I've listened to EWBAITE quite a bit more over the last few days and I wanted to report that can listen to this one straight through and enjoy every single tune. That says a lot for 1) a Weezer album in the last decade and 2) any album, really - the "straight-throughs" as I call them are few and far between!

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Great review! Looking forward to checking it out.

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Posted: 10/10/2014

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