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Once More 'Round The Sun

Mastodon - 2014

Maybe it’s just my perception, but metal fans tend to be the whiniest of all music fans. Their favorite band is always “selling out”, or “not as good as the earlier stuff”. Mastodon has taken a lot of that type of criticism over the last few years from the metal community for abandoning their earlier sound, but I’ve thought it’s been for the better. Their earlier records had very unintelligible lyrics, and loooong songs that were nearly as epic as the topics they were about. (their album Leviathan is a concept album about the novel Moby Dick) Over the last few albums they’ve recorded with a higher production value and pushed the vocals to the front of the mix. They’ve also kept the song lengths to a more modest 5-6 minutes for the most part. They’ve embraced their place as the face of today’s metal, and in order to do that you have to appeal to a slightly wider audience.

That being said, this slightly more accessible sound that they began with 2011’s The Hunter is still pretty heavy! The riffs are big and sludgy on the verse section of “High Road”. They get all progy, (should I spelled that “proggy” like froggy?), on “Feast Your Eyes” and “Aunt Lisa”. The lead single “The Motherload” is a great track, but you can see why metal purists would be turned off by the verse-chorus-verse radio ready arrangement.
I realise that this isn't a very indepth review, but that's intentional this time. Reading further into this album would miss the point. If you’re a fan of monster riffs and Marshall stacks, then this album will suit you just fine.
If you haven’t seen the twerk battle video for “The Motherload” yet, check it out below.      

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Posted: 11/29/2014

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