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Lily Allen - 2014

I remember liking Lily Allen when her first single, Smile, was released and it was all underground and bad ass because it was on myspace. Her first album Alright, Still was cute and fun but overall pretty fluffy and immature. It was your basic angsty teen, party album. It was good enough however to get me pumped up for her second album, It's Not Me, It's You. Her second release was much poppier than the first and had more of an edge. The songs were very candid, smart, funny, sweet, focused on forgiveness and moving on. Lily was growing up before my very eyes *tear*. Now, her most recent album comes along, Sheezus. She's found love, had babies, satisfied, succesful and bringing in the money. She's basically a baller. Admittedly, I cringed when I first heard the album title and the obvious comparison to Kanye and the actual Almight himself, JC. But- she can pull it off. The confidence and swag is spilling out on songs like Insincerely Yours, Sheezus and Silver Spoon. In classic Lily style, amidst all of the arogance there are several gems of sweetness and vulnerability; so much to where I would almost label it a chick album. Talk of clothes covered in baby food, feeling objectified and self conscious in your underwear, dance parties and sexcapades. This album has most of what I'm looking for, I'm not sure however, that I like it better, or even as much as her previous album- it's just different. It's not going to make me cry like the other album did, and for that reason I'm giving it 4 stars.

Posted by Allison



Posted: 12/10/2014