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Celebration - 2014

Over the entire musical arc of Katrina Ford and Sean Antanaitis' career, beginning with Jaks, then Love Life, and now Celebration - you can see the progression of the abrasive to the ethereal. The agressive to the enchanted. The reactive to the proactive. The music of Jaks, characterized by Katrina Ford's deep, throaty vocals charged with anger and goth-punk guitar felt appropriately reactionary in the way most music I loved in my early 20's did. A carthartic expulsion of everything you take in beginning with childhood. Celebration's music has continually felt more born out of the idea "Now that that's out of my system, what do I want to consciously put into the world?" As such, their music has become consistently more positive. With no complaint from me. It's less tribal than their earlier works and more groove-driven. It makes you move, elevates your emotion, and in its better moments - casts a spell.


Oh, and allow me to shamelessly self-promote by including a live clip that was edited by yours truly.

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Posted: 12/26/2014

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