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The Birth

Stardeath and White Dwarves - 2009

Upon the first listen its easy to write off Stardeath as a Flaming Lips rip off. The band has roadied for the Lips, and Waynes own nephew is the lead singer, so its really not a big revelation. But for anyone who gives The Birth a good listen, a well crafted album emerges, filled with angular keyboard melodies, raucous drums, and experimental soundscapes. A large portion of the Lips style has been borrowed from the Butthole Surfers, so its fitting that they get highjacked a bit as well. The true test of Stardeaths worth will be to see if they continue to grow musically the way Wayne and the boys have and expand the parts of their sound that are unique. For now though, The Birth is a solid first full length release that continues to get better with each listen. (standout tracks: New Heat; I Cant Get Away)

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Posted: 05/11/2013

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