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Youngwidows easypain

Easy Pain

Young Widows - 2014

Young Widows is music that should be heard LOUD.


Let's establish that first. If you've got some cobwebs collecting in your brain, or you just need to cleanse the pallet... and you have the energy for it - Easy Pain will clear that shit out. Snarling guitar, crunchy bass that chugs along, and a booming kick drum. It's head banging music for people like me who are now too old to physically shove other people at shows anymore. We just stand together in the dark and remember the bruises.

Posted by Greg



See, this is why you need to post reviews throughout the year. I would have been listening to this. Good stuff!

Posted almost 5 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 12/26/2014

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Greg ranks this as the
#2 favorite album of 2014