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Ty Segall - 2014

     I’m going to keep this review short, which is something that Ty Segall has a problem doing himself. He’s an amazingly prolific indie-rocker, who is in many, many bands, puts out multiple albums a year in multiple genres, and never seems to tire. He’s done noise rock, classic rock, acoustic balladry….you name it. Of course, the problem with this level of output is that it can’t all be good, and consequently most people have their favorite Ty Segall albums and could probably leave the rest of them.  

     Manipulator is being hailed by many as his best album yet. I did like it quite a bit when I first started listening to it, but it’s faded on me. Even though his songs are in the 3-4 minute range, there are 17 of them here! His lo-fi sound and ability to write and record whole albums within days, unfortunately allows him to release every idea that pops into his head. He could definitely use a producer to cut the fat.

   If you’re interested, my favorite Ty Segall albums are Twins (great songs on that one) and Slaughterhouse (Noise rock cranked up to 11!!!!!). Manipulator isn’t bad, but it’s just way too long and loses me after a while. If you like 70’s rock in the vein of TRex, then definitely check it out and decide for yourself.   

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Posted: 12/27/2014

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