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Plowing Into The Field Of Goth Rock

Iceage plowing into the field of love album cover

Plowing Into The Field Of Love

Iceage - 2014

I've never loved punk music. I can deal with proto punk, post-punk, art punk, all that jazz. I could just never get down with punk, with it's fast tempos and shouted lyrics. Iceage was the first punk band that I could say I truly loved, because I finally found a band that fit what I thought punk should be, the soundtrack to falling apart. Iceage's first two records played to what felt like a full mental breakdown, with words being slurred and the instruments played with intentional(?) sloppiness. Iceage's fine third record, Plowing Into The Field Of Love, evokes the same feeling, but with a more calculated approach. Foregoing punk's traditional minimalism, Iceage brings the vocals to the top of the mix, introduces keys, acoustic guitars, horns and strings to be played regulary, and draws songs out to five plus minutes. By the time opener "On My Fingers" closes, it's clear this is goth rock by the numbers, and fantastic goth rock at that. Punk bands never seem to age well; nobody wants to see a bunch of forty year olds bashing around on drums and screaming into the mic. Iceage aren't old at all, its members have barely entered their 20s. They've shown on previous records that they're wise beyone their years, and with Plowing Into The Field Of Love, the band proves that it can progress into something grander and more timeless. It's good to know, because I have a feeling not many people are ready for Iceage to fade away.

Listen to: Plowing Into The Field Of Love (the song, not the whole album, lol)


Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



This is one of the albums that I missed this year. Time to play catchup now I guess.

Posted almost 5 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 12/31/2014

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Michael Di Gennaro

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