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Music for the Uninvited

Leon Vynehall - 2014

Allow me to start this commentary off by saying that this is going to be more of a recommendation than a review. My foray into Electronic music (iTunes has labeled it as ‘Dance’) has been limited to say the very least. It’s not that I hold a strong opinion either way in regards to this genre of music, it’s just I’ve never had much incentive to really build up a library of it. I certainly cannot think of a friend that has had an extensive collection of Electronic/Dance music or having ever been recommended an album of this sort (other than my brother suggesting Four Tet’s, ‘There Is Love In You’ - a highlight in our music sharing relationship). However, it’s when I hear an album like, ‘Music for the Uninvited’ that I instantly regret not spending more time discovering other artists in the same vain. The extreme downside to not having an expanded vocabulary in this genre is that I cannot tell you exactly why I like this album so much. I don’t have much else to judge it by or compare it to. In addition, the limited amount of albums that I have heard in this genre (being more geared towards the dance vibe), all essentially have the same sort of formula to them – a good groove that repeats itself. So why does Leon Vynehall’s effort stand out above the rest? Let me be horribly blunt and technical: It doesn’t sound overly produced giving it an organic quality (which is saying something being that most of these sounds were synthetically produced); he has a fantastic bass sound with really interesting and interactive lines going on (the bass part for, ‘Be Brave, Clench Fists’ is something I could listen to over and again even if they soloed the track); I like that he threw in strings in the opener, ‘Inside the Deku Tree’ to keep you guessing about the nature of the album from its onset; it definitely is a ‘dance’ album (although the sort of dancing you would be best at if you had made some special substances part of your diet that night) but it also, somehow, presents  itself as a slightly fast ambient album at times. I can easily listen to this album if in need of a slight pick me up or relaxing on the couch. This album just works for me on multiple levels even if I can’t totally put it into words why. So, although this may not have been the most helpful of reviews, I hope it peaks your interest enough to give this great album a listen to. 

Posted by Andrew Scott



Posted: 01/23/2015