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This Could Be Great



Rae Sremmurd - 2015

There are a lot of questions about southern rap upstarts Rae Sremmurd. Are they two-hit wonders? Are they just blindly hopping on trends? How do you say "Sremmurd"? SremmLife accurately answers all of those questions: no, yes, and I still don't know. While the two massively popular singles they've released in the past year (the stomping, joyous "No Flex Zone" and the minimal yet infectiously energetic "No Type") are both on the album and are two of the record's stronger cuts, they're not the be all and end all. While there is some horrid filler on here ("Unlock The Swag"there's still a decent, EP-sized amount of fun and catchy pop rap tunes in this 11-song tracklisting. Highlights include the triumphant "My X", a drill number that's essentially the in-your-face companion piece to Drake's recent single "How Bout Now", and the sobering "This Could Be Us", which takes a meme and turns it into the most adorable rap love song you'll ever hear. SremmLife is, like most debut albums from viral artists, more a collection of singles than an album. Each track functions on its own, which means that if a song is bad, it sticks out like a sore thumb, and if a song is good, you'll be wondering why it isn't on the radio all the time. SremmLife isn't the perfect album by any means, but it cements the idea that we'll be hearing Rae Sremmurd a lot in the coming years. Better figure out how to say that damn name. 


Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 01/24/2015