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Aren't Mixtapes Supposed To Be Free?

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If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Drake - 2015

Drake must be a smart guy, or at least have some smart management. By releasing mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late as a paid record on iTunes, he fulfills his contract with the currently-imploding YMCMB empire, and it allows him full creative and marketing control for his next full length, Views From The 6. If You're Reading This... is most definetely a mixtape, a collection of tracks that are in no way related and even include tracks from other people's projects ("Used To" is lifted of Lil Wayne's Sorry 4 The Wait 2) and while there aren't many weak links on the album (the two PARTYNEXTDOOR tracks are a struggle to get through) If You're Reading This... is the best possible outcome for any B-sides album. The beats, delivered by right-hand man 40, are moody and trap-influenced, with the snappy percussion at the forefront of the record's mixes and haunting synths and vocal samples hanging in the background. The style of the instrmental sounds like what driving down a highway at 1 AM feels like, which is pretty much perfect for Drake's trademark reflection raps. Other than the complete lack of singing on If You're Reading This... nothing's really changed for Drizzy since Nothing Was The Same, more raps about the massive highs and lows of being as huge as Drake is (though I think Father John Misty would disagree, see "Bored In The USA") and, of course, his girls, past and present. If You're Reading This... is another triumph for red-hot Aubrey, and I'd be suprised if that streak ends anytime soon.


Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 02/14/2015