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Indie Rock Like It's 1999

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Mourn - 2015

There isn't much to say about Spanish post-punks Mourn, other then the fact that they are all in their teens and they have an alarmingly solid sound at such a young age. They blister through 11 tracks in 24 minutes on this self-titled debut, sounding like pretty much every semi-popular indie rock band that existed in the 80s and 90s, Nirvana and Sonic Youth the most notable of said bands. There's nothing necessarily wrong with Mourn, but I can't give it any more then 3 stars simply because I've heard everything they put to record a hundred times over. Moody post-punk has been reused over and over since it's inception via Unknown Pleasures, and what separates Mourn from great new post-punk bands like Ought and Viet Cong is that they've done next to nothing to sound like something other than a cover band. Mourn as a band and Mourn as a record are both bursting with potential, but for now we've been left with a EP length LP that leaves more to be desired then presented


Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 02/15/2015