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Big Sean Aims For The (Dark) Sky

Dark sky

Dark Sky Paradise

Big Sean - 2015

I'd all but given up on Big Sean after his terrible 2013. The year saw him release a mess of an album overshadowed by a world-beating verse by Kendrick Lamar on Sean's own song. His most notable hit was three years old. He even admitted his girlfriend was making more money then him. Which is why it was surprising to be anticipating Dark Sky Paradise. Sean had been dropping singles and features ("All Your Fault", "B-Boy"), all showing massive improvement. Sure enough, Big Sean has crafted a worthwhile collection of enjoyable, angsty pop rap tracks. His ear for beats are better than ever, taking a more aggressive approach to Drake's ambient trap.  "IDFWU" will bring back the memory every middle school breakup you ever had. "Paradise" and "Blessings" give Sean a chance to show his fans he's shed most of the corniness that plagued him early in his career. Aside from a four-song arc that found him getting fake-deep, there wasn't a cringe-worthy moment on Dark Sky. I'm not sure Big Sean will ever drop a certified classic like Hell Hath No Fury. He may never have a Get Rich Or Die Trying. But Sean isn't Clipse, or 50 Cent. On Dark Sky Paradise, he finally became Big Sean, instead of Big Sean Impersonating All The Other Pop Rappers. Flaws and all, we're finally hearing a confident, raw Big Sean. It's resulted in his best record to date. 



Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 02/25/2015