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Heart - EP

demo taped - 2015

demo taped is the bedroom-pop alias of Adam Alexander. He made waves a few months ago with his phenomenal single I Luv U, a strange, beautiful hybrid of Jai Paul's dance&B and Ariel Pink's lo-fi charm, tape hiss and all. Following the moderate critical success of the single, he's dropped a three-song, nine-minute EP, entitled Heart. And as with I Luv U, the rest of Heart is a cute little sample of what could end up being a massively successful career. Each track gives a sweet melancholy vibe, the type teenage girls who want to be "indie" crave. Danceable rythms, wobbly synths, and heartbreak lyrics fill the EP from front to back, which admittedly can seem limited. But, Alexander obviously uses such a simple formula because he's an expert at it. The only glaring hole in the release is the mix, done intentionally(?) sloppy to create a psychadelic feel. Though it can feel woozy at times, it often feels as if instruments come and go and leave some half-baked tracks. On a release this short, you can't afford to have even one lackluster track, and this mixing issue plagues the EP all the way through. Overall, Alexander has made some of the funkiest, cutest bedroom music i've heard all year. It's only his first project, and he's already nearly mastered the pop song. If he continues to improve, the sky really is the limit. Heart already has him in the air.



Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 03/12/2015