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Tobias Jesso Jr - 2015

The first thing you may notice about Tobias Jesso Jr.'s stellar new album Goon is that it sounds a lot like if former indie kingpins Girls made a piano-driven album. It's all there: the simple instrumentals, the retro gloss, the bittersweet lyrics. Chet White, bassist and producer of said indie kingpins, produces most of the record, even. The funny thing is, Goon is more of a Girls record than anything the band's frontman, Chris Owens, has done since the breakup. Goon is everything an indie record should be. You can laugh to it, cry to it, listen to it with your friends, spend time with it alone. Jesso Jr's soul is bared on damn near every track on this, contemplating suicide (stunning centerpiece "Hollywood") screaming in frustration ("How Could You Babe") and mocking a former love ("Crockadile Tears"). In this endless alternative wave of "Take Me To Church"s and "Riptide"s, tracks that try as hard as they can to force emotion, Jesso Jr., like Owens before him, reigns supreme because it comes so easy to him. There's a love for music, and for autobiography all over Goon, a young man who's been through so much turmoil he's blurred the line between what he should and shouldn't reveal to the public. There's a reason other young pop icons find him so captivating (both Taylor Swift and Adele, 21st century poets themselves, have tweeted their appreciation for Jesso Jr.): Goon is captivating, front to back.





Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 04/02/2015