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Dark red

Dark Red

Shlohmo - 2015

Since releasing breakout LP Bad Vibes four years ago, wonky producer Shlohmo has seen his stock rise significantly. His 2012 EP Laid Out established himself as a skilled hip-hop producer, and he produced another impressive EP alongside the criminally underrated Jeremih. But things were the polar opposite in his personal life, with one turmoil after another. Dark Red is the reflection of that struggle. The name Dark Red as well as cover, all black with a white centre containing a single black rose, are a perfect representation of the music you'll hear on the album. Lightning fast percussion. Thunderous bass. Boards Of Canada-esque analogue synths. Guitars, most visible on brilliant lead single "Buried". The hip-hop influence is farther away then ever on Dark Red. Shlohmo instead focusses on taking the Brainfeeder collective's psychedelic style and turning it sour. There's nothing on this album that you can play in the car with your friends. This is dark electronic music we haven't seen popular since the dawn of Music Has The Right To Children. It's an hour-long, pitch black journey that sounds like walking through a tunnel at 2 AM feels. The biggest problem that music purists have with electronic music, they argue, is that computers can't protray emotion. Dark Red begs to differ. This is the most emotional record i've hear this year.



Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 04/05/2015