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A Riot Of An Album

No cities to love cover

No Cities To Love

Sleater-Kinney - 2015

Before this week I didn't actually know anything about this band. I decided to listen to it because it was highly rated on RYM, and it was only 30 minutes, so I thought why the hell not. And now it's slowly but surely becoming one of my favorites for 2015. My first time thoughts were along the 3.5 star rating, which is an above average rating for me, but as I've gave it more listens, that rating has bumped up to 4, and it might just barely scratch that 4.5 line with a lot more listens. So a really great album for me. 

What stood out to me on this album was the emotion and attitude in the vocals, and the lyrical content that backs it up. I'm not usually a fan of the more simplistic vocal style, but as long as there is attitude in spades, I can dig it. "Gimme Love" is such a perfect example. It's certainly one of my favorites from the album. I also loved all the catchy riffs and hooks. You don't have to delve into the lyrical meanings to enjoy it, because it's so goddamn catchy. I'd say my favorite songs from this album are the ones I find are the catchiest. "Bury Our Friends""Fangless" and "No Cities To Love". Just amazing. And "Fade" is one of my favorite album closing songs. The first half of that song just sounds so heavy and doomy. And then halfway it speeds up a bit, and becomes more uptempo. And the chorus and vocals just oozes emotion. Such a great song and awesome way to end an album.


1. "Price Tag" 4.5
2. "Fangless" 4.5
3. "Surface Envy" 4.0
4. "No Cities To Love" 5.0
5. "A New Wave" 4.0
6. "No Anthems" 4.5
7. "Gimme Love" 5.0
8. "Bury Our Friends" 5.0
9. "Hey Darling" 4.0
10. "Fade" 5.0

Overall rating: 4.5


Posted by Justin Aspinall



Glad you liked it! I'm in the opposite situation myself. I'm a longtime fan of SK, but I haven't dove into the new one yet. (I listened once when it came out, but I've had a bit of a crazy Spring, so I haven't gotten back around to it) I'd highly recommend "The Woods" from 2005 if you want to explore them more.

Posted over 4 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 07/06/2015