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Praise Dio

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Holy Diver

Dio - 1983

It's not worth me spending a whole paragraph praising this album, as every single metalhead on here has listened to it, and knows what its about. This album was my introduction to Dio. When I first listened to him, I hadn't even given one album by Deep Purple or Black Sabbath a go. So this was my true introduction. I expected nothing less of excellence, and I was surely not disappointed. Let's go track-by-track.

"Stand Up And Shout" rocks hard right from the beginning. And its fucking awesome. A favourite of mine for sure. Never lets up for one second. It'l always be Dio's vocals that stand out more than anything, and as in every song on this album, he takes it away every time. A brilliant frenetic opener. We then transition into the next track on the album, and a fan favorite."Holy Diver". A classic that everybody should hear. I'll admit, I thought this song was by Killswitch Engage, as I'd heard them do a (not to shabby) cover of it. It has a simple groove throughout, and Dio gives a menacing performance. Truly terrific. A pretty slick solo from Vivian Campbell as well. Moving onto "Gypsy", with a screech from Dio, before we move onto the heavy metal riffery. Dio delivers the vocals like a boss. Business as usual for this heavy metal god. We move onto "Caught In The Middle", that starts off in style. That riff, man. A majestic chorus delivered superbly by Dio. And a great short solo from Vivian Campbell. Next is "Don't Talk To Strangers". A softer start, as Dio sort of whispers in your ear. Its a moving song...until of course it all goes apeshit, and kicks back into metal territory. Sort of teasing when they bring the tempo down occasionally. Vivian delivers another fine solo as well. Just epic. This is an album that I just can't label favorites. That's a very good thing. 

"Straight Through The Heart". Oh man. It just doesn't fucking give up. Terrific man. Riffing goodness. Epic as fuck. Another majestic and catchy song that I just can't get enough of. Moving onto "Invisible". Oh lord, this song man. The beginning is just so brilliant, and I was blown away when I first listened to it. I'm probably repeating myself a lot, so I apologize. But yeah, heavy metal goodness man. And that fucking solo, courtesy of Vivian Campbell. It reeks of epicness. You can imagine my reaction when listening for the first time. This is one of my favorites for sure. Next is "Rainbow In The Dark". Just . It just kept getting better. This song certified my love for this band and album. Getting to this point as interested and captivated as I were, was truly magnificent. You all get the gist. Lets wrap this up, with the final track, "Shame On The Night". Oh lord. Such a smooth, and epic as fuck song. Those quite interludes with the guitar, were a nice break, before getting back into the riffing goodness. Dio delivered every track brilliantly, and I can certainly say this is one of my favourite heavy metal albums. Damn good album. Thanks for reading. 

1. "Stand Up And Shout" 
2. "Holy Diver" 
3. "Gypsy" 
4. "Caught In The Middle" 
5. "Don't Talk To Strangers" 
6. "Straight Through The Heart" 
7. "Invisible" 
8. "Rainbow In The Dark" 
9. "Shame On The Night"


Posted by Justin Aspinall



This is not my kind of metal, but you have to respect a guy who's that small and has those pipes.

Posted over 4 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 07/07/2015