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Iron Maiden - 1981

My thoughts remain the same as their first one. Such a brilliant album. When I first listened to this, certain songs sounded familiar. As I have gone through their whole discography, I have found myself remembering certain singles from my childhood, and now I realize why. My Uncle subtly got me into metal and I didn't even know. I usually gave him a list of songs I wanted on my iPod, and he would download them for me. Bare in mind all of it was just the singles from the radio that came out in the day. You wouldn't have found one metal track, never mind rock. And then at the end of the day, I would put my playlist on shuffle, and as well as all the tracks I asked for, he had added a ton of Iron Maiden. All of their most popular songs through the 80s were on their. Now as I go through their albums, I find myself recognising at least 1 or 2 tracks per album. I went on through life just listening to my shitty popular songs of the day. Until...Well, that's another story for another day. Wow, I haven't even spoke about the album yet. Okay so I didn't dislike this any more than the previous. Each one was equally awesome. Once again Di'Anno shined here like never before. His growling vocals were even better on this, and the song "Killers" is a perfect example of this. Damn, I only wish he could have stayed for one more album. So let us go track-by-track.

The album starts off with the shortest song they have ever recorded, at 1:44. "The Ides Of March" is a brilliant opening track though. We get two awesome solos from Adrian Smith and Dave Murray. We then move on to one of my favourite songs on the album, "Wrathchild". Another brilliant catchy song. I found it to be a little short, and a bit repetitive. But it is a great sing along song. "Murders in the Rue Morgue" is another great track. Some memorable vocals from Di'Anno, catchy chorus, great drumming from Clive. What more can you ask for? "Another Life" is just an average song in my opinion. The lyrics were pretty poor, but we got some great harmonies from Dave and Adrian. "Genghis Khan" is the albums second instrumental track, and definitely the better one. I love how the track is called Genghis Khan, and the speed and ferocity of the band anchor this really well. Another brilliant instrumental, and pulled off really well."Innocent Exile" is an all around great song. Di'Anno's vocals could have done with more work, but they were satisfactory. Great drumming and guitar work. Nothing much to say here.

"Killers" is another one of my favourites on this album, and in the entire Di'Anno era. Love it so much. We get some of the best vocals from Paul, and his menacing growler tone as he finishes each verse is brilliant. This track is definitely up there with Phantom Of The Opera. Everything was just perfect. We move on to "Prodigal Son". It is a lot more accoustic than their previous tracks. This song is definitely refreshing after hearing loads of heavier tracks. I couldn't quite understand what the lyrics were saying, but either way, Paul delivers the words perfectly. Just sit back and relax. That is what this song is all about for me. Loved it. "Purgatory" is one of the fastest songs on this album. From the moment the track starts, the whole band race along together. And Paul manages to keep up, with his speedy vocals, without making it sound shocking. "Drifter" is an awesome end to this album. A nice speedy rocker type track, and sadly, also the last song Di'Anno recorded with Iron Maiden. A great smooth groove though. Had me tapping along. A fitting end.

1. "The Ides of March" (instrumental)
2. "Wrathchild"
3. "Murders in the Rue Morgue"
4. "Another Life"
5. "Genghis Khan" (instrumental)
6. "Innocent Exile"
7. "Killers"
8. "Prodigal Son"
9. "Purgatory"
10. "Drifter"

Posted by Justin Aspinall



Posted: 07/07/2015