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Tallest man

Dark Bird Is Home

The Tallest Man On Earth - 2015

     Well, he was due for a disappointing album. Kristian Matsson had a REALLY strong run of albums, from 2008’s “Shallow Grave”, to 2010’s masterpiece “The Wild Hunt”, 2010’s EP “Sometimes The Blues…”, and 2012’s “There’s No Leaving Now”. It’s a really impressive body of work, with a really high consistency of songwriting, as well as an artist who knows who he is and what to do in order to get the most out of his talents.
     “Dark Bird Is Home” is a letdown on both of those points that I just mentioned. Overall, the songs just aren’t there, at least not up to his usual standards. The production is a little more present than on most Tallest Man albums, which I feel is Kristian trying to express more of himself musically. There are strings, horns, and full band arrangements where it would normally be just him and his guitars. I could handle that if the songs were all strong, but they’re just weak.
     Kristian is a guy that fills a 3,000 seat auditorium with just him voice and his alternate guitar tunings. His performances and songs usually grab your attention and will silence a room. Not going to happen with this album unfortunately. 

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Posted: 07/11/2015

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