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Jenny Death

Death Grips - 2015

    I’ve written so many reviews of Death Grips albums at this point that I’ll spare you all of the filler. I was worried about this release after last year’s challenging listen, "niggers on the moon”. It was the first half of a two album release called “The Powers That B", and while it was pretty good, it was a difficult listen even by Death Grips standards. They followed with a surprise, free, instrumental album earlier this year called “Fashion Week” that you can skip.
   Jenny Death is disc 2 of TPTB and sees Death Grips getting back to the powerful electro-indie-avant-hardcore-rap that they do so well. If you aren’t already a fan this won’t convert you, but fans will love it. It’s loud, brash, catchy, intense, crazy, and in my opinion just plain fun. Crank it up loud and break something! 

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Posted: 07/11/2015

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