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Time To Muse



Muse - 2015

I'm probably the only one who actually likes this album. That's probably due to the fact that it was my first Muse album. I hadn't really heard any of their other material except for a couple of singles. But I have to be completely honest with you guys and just come out and say that it's a contender for AOTY for me. 

I guess I could start by saying that one of the main reasons I enjoyed it was because of the abundance of catchy riffs."Dead Inside""Psycho""Reapers""Defector" and"Revolt" are a load of fun, and pretty much the standouts to me. I did love the slower epic songs though. The slow burn of"The Globalist" is awesome, and then when it breaks out into madness halfway through, it was well worth it. The only track I really disliked was the final one, "Drones". Story-wise, it probably fit perfectly, but musically, it ruined the ending for me. "The Globalist" felt like the final track to me. Either way, I enjoyed the album. It did make me want to check out more of Muses' material. I went and listened to Black Holes And Revelations sometime after, and had the same reaction as this one. But all in all, fun album at times, and also quite epic. Wasn't disappointed.

1. "Dead Inside3.5
2. "[Drill Sergeant]2.0
3. "Psycho4.0
4. "Mercy3.0
5. "Reapers4.0
6. "The Handler3.0
7. "[JFK]2.0
8. "Defector3.5
9. "Revolt4.0
10. "Aftermath4.0
11. "The Globalist4.5
12. "Drones1.5

Overall Rating: 4.0


Posted by Justin Aspinall



Posted: 08/30/2015