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The Rise is right


The Rise

Futuristic - 2015

Indie rapper Futuristic (Zachary Beck), from Tempe, Arizona, has an obvious calling in life, and that calling is hip-hop. The Southwestern emcee who made his debut in 2013 withChasing Down A Dream followed by Traveling Local in 2014 has returned this year with The Rise, his third LP. Combining his swift, intricate rap flows with powerfully thunderous beats that flirt with the commanding boom evident in mainstream rap hits, Futuristic has created a formula for capturing attention for all the right reasons and with a lot of great technique.

The young Futuristic, though very articulate, is mostly concerned with showing off his style in The Rise, which is punctuated infrequently with weighty words from deep down like the unique perspective-filled ones in "Man on a Mission" and "Music Saved My Life." In the thick of his twenties, he is in the process of shaking off his adolescent vestiges, gaining a firm hold on everything it means to be adult, and all the while pursuing his rap music destiny, at which he is no doubt talented.


With production that is as big and boisterous as its creator's lyrical bravado and abilities are (perhaps almost sounding like the result of blatant style-directives issued from out-of-touch corporate label staff, until we see or remember that this artist's label is self-owned), The Rise makes up for its beats' nearsightedness with the farsightedness of its advanced rhyme-power, some nicely maturing attitude, and its live-show-like listening experience. It is an incredibly thrilling, energy-packed performance from guests D Pryde, Samson, Cas-Tro and Devvon Terrell but most especially the rising Futuristic.

Favorite Tracks: The Greatest, No way 

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Posted: 09/06/2015